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Using Technology To Teach

by GeneGeiger on November 18, 2013

11-18-2013 10-23-26 AM

Three years ago, the Auburn School District became the first in the nation to provide iPads in the classroom for each and every kindergarten student.

The move was controversial, with many people concerned about the cost and durability of the devices and how kids would adapt to learning how to use them.

“What we really see is students get very invested in their iPad,” stated Peter Robinson, the district’s technology director.  “They take very good care of that device and they take very good care of them.”

Read and see the full WLBZ-TV story.

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Leveraging Learning – Auburn School District, Maine, USA.

Last week I had the pleasure of presenting at the Leveraging Learning Conference in Maine, USA. Skoolbo has been working with the Auburn School District for almost three years now on their Advantage 2014 program. The program aims to lift the number of 3rd grade students meeting benchmark from the mid 60% range to 90%. It’s an ambitious goal and we wholeheartedly commend them on their courage and conviction in this endeavor. Auburn School District were the first district anywhere in the world to adopt 1 to 1 iPads for their Kindergarten students. We concur in Auburn’s belief that this is where the greatest benefits can be achieved by tablets.

We did an analysis of the improvement shown by the 792 students using Skoolbo.  We found that on average their improvement levels were an outstanding 52%! Below is a list of the top performers:

Student Correct Answers Average Improvement
Christian 28,064 103%
Keegan 18,704 120%
Tatyana 17,230 87%
Rebecca 16,942 69%
Noah 16,866 72%
Ryan 15,406 69%
Ethan 14,990 65%
Tysen 14,412 56%
Danie 14,198 61%
Joseph 13,454 77%
Mason 12,774 48%
Devin 12,730 55%
Mikaila 12,646 66%
Kaelyn 12,506 72%


I also had a special treat of visiting the wonderful Washburn Elementary School. Congratulations on all of the amazing things going on there and special mention to Maddison and Phoenix – keep up the great work!

Shane Hill – Founder Skoolbo