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Ballon Festival

LEWISTON — There was a young boy with a tall, red Mohawk. A grown man rocking fierce animal face-paint. A dog in a backpack. And balloons, 20 of them, each rising into the postcard-perfect sky to cheers during the evening launch. The 21st annual Great Falls Balloon Festival had another day of packed crowds and […]


Up, up and away! Another successful morning launch

by Connor Regan on August 17, 2013

  The ballons launch: not once but multiple times throughout the course of the Festival. It provides an amazing chance to learn about and enjoy the beauty of the balloons. Read Story and Watch Launch Video Read Story and Watch Launch Video    


The Great Falls Ballon Festival is one of Lewiston-Auburns most notable events. It has evolved to encompass much more than balloons. With music, food, games and more; the carnival atmosphere has developed quite a positive reputation and draws hundreds of thousands to it. Families packed both the Lewiston and Auburn sides of the festival, picnicking […]