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Auburn Manufacturing

Auburn Manufacturing Expands

by GeneGeiger on January 20, 2014

Auburn Manufacturing, Inc., a developer and manufacturer of textile products for extreme temperature industrial applications, has announced the recent grand opening of a $1.4 million expansion. The 22,500 square-foot renovation at the company’s “Kitty Hawk” manufacturing facility in Auburn, Maine, has doubled the facility’s size, allowing for more optimization. Founded in 1979, the company has […]


50 people who have made a difference in Maine

by Connor Regan on July 8, 2013

The Maine Magazine highlights 50 people who have made a difference in Maine. The accomplishments of each of these unique and accomplished people is quite inspiring. Despite their differences and backgrounds, all these Manier’s love our state and have helped it to prosper. One of these people is Kathie Leonard of Auburn Manufacturing. While most commodity-type textile makers […]


Textile Manufacturer Thrives In LA

by GeneGeiger on April 9, 2013

Kathie Leonard, president and CEO of Auburn Manufacturing in Mechanic Falls, stand with one of the looms that manufactures some of their high-temperature materials. Textile manufacturing ignited the growth of LA in the late 1800s.  Auburn Manufacturing emerged from that legacy to be a world leader in manufacturing high temperature fabrics. Kathie Leonard is the […]

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