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Carbonite Hiring, Growing, Improving

by GeneGeiger on August 31, 2014


Laurie Danforth, manager of workforce management, bottom, has an elevated desk in the middle of one of the rooms where she can oversee dozens of workers dealing with customer support at Carbonite in the Fairgrounds Business Park in Lewiston.

Carbonite is on the move, fueled by its “world class” Lewiston call center which recently was name one of Maine’s “Best Places To Work.”

“Our core focus is on employees,” Frost said. “They’re having a material impact on the success of this organization. When you look at something like (the rate of people converting from free trials to paying customers), every needlepoint that it moves is an enormous amount of dollars to our bottom line.

“We’re the crown jewel of the empire,” he said. “When you talk to our executive team and the results those guys have accomplished, tickled pink doesn’t describe it.”

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