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Let’s Build A Better L-A…Together!

The Future Forum is a diverse group of citizens from the L-A area representing business, government, education, healthcare, the arts and recreation.   We are proud of our heritage and optimistic about our future.

The Future Forum has not been elected.  We do not have authority or money. Our influence rests solely in our ability to think ahead and showcase how we can build L-A’s  future with the skills and resources that are all around us in abundance.

This place is our workshop, our platform, and our megaphone to connect every person and group wanting to help us get to our goal – to become Maine’s most desirable community.

Please take the time to look around.  We’ve got fascinating — often inspiring — stories in each of our primary sections — Live, Learn, Work, Play.  The most recent posts are shown on the right side of this page.  And the positions our group has taken are in the Our View section.

Please return here often to use us as a resource and to become part of our movement.

For questions, comments or inquire’s please email the future forum at: lafutureforum@gmail.com